Dirt Work / Excavating / Asphalt Extensions

Removal of grass, dirt, stumps, trees, unwanted landscaping, etc., in order to prepare for a new asphalt surface.

Asphalt Paving Procedures

Base Work
Most often base work is needed. This consists of removing any inadequate material (clay, excessive loose rock) which will not give us a solid foundation for the new asphalt. This is followed by bringing in quality base rock required for your project’s stability and longevity.

Grading for Water Drainage
The proper grade is crucial for achieving the maximum life of your new asphalt driveway or parking lot. (Standing water is damaging and will increase the rate of deterioration of your asphalt in that area.)

Asphalt Paving
Laying the proper amount of asphalt for your project need which is determined by the amount of predicted traffic and weight of traffic (no cutting corners here!).

Our dual drum vibratory roller rolls the freshly applied asphalt soon after it is laid out to achieve maximum compaction. Every step is crucial to reach your asphalt’s maximum strength and life expectancy (30+ years).

Gravel Work

Installing new gravel driveways or freshening up your existing driveway.

Hauling and delivering gravel or larger rocks/boulders.

(price includes: tonnage delivered + hours + total project miles

Aprons / Patching

When water, snow and ice seeps into the pavement, then refreezes, the asphalt heaves up, causing cracks and deterioration. Let Asphalt Solutions repair and patch them for you.

Sunken driveways and aprons can be a sign of greater damage to your driveway or even your foundation. There’s quality and care in every step we take to repair your sunken driveway:
– Saw cut and remove up to 3 feet of asphalt apron (amount varies to create proper drainage)
– Add new class 5 (base rock) to exposed area and fill eroded foundation
– Compact new base so there is no further settling or drainage issues
– Apply and rake new HOT asphalt to create seamless transition from garage to driveway
– Compact new asphalt to match existing driveway’s durability and texture

Asphalt Surface Milling

Grinding down a portion of the old asphalt surface 1″ – 2″ in order to remove the deteriorated surface and make room for an asphalt overlay.

Full Depth Reclamation

A powerful reclaiming machine grinds the old asphalt into road base by pulverizing the full thickness of the old pavement while also blending it with a portion of the underlying base material. This process enhances the strength of the new base.

Existing Asphalt Overlay

1″ – 1.5″ asphalt is applied over the existing asphalt surface and compacted. Note: Cracks in the underlying existing asphalt will reflect through the new overlay within the next couple of years. This is due to shifting of the underlying slab in the spring and fall. (This service is usually followed soon after with a crack route and hot tar crack fill.) If cracks are maintained in this way this can be a great cost effective solution for certain properties.